1 1/2" black walnut top, 25" x 76"
Commercial Millwork1 1/2" black walnut top, 25" x 76"

Commercial Millwork

Updated: 10 years ago - Created: September 20th, 2012
1 1/2" black walnut top, 25" x 76"1 1/2" hard maple top with mixed coloured wood, 26 3/4"x 60"2" hard maple island top 72" x 84"

We are suppliers of Commercial Millwork.

At T.L. Stewart Cabinetmakers we take pride in the quality of our Craftsmanship, our products are of superior quality. We specialize in the machining of solid wood. We work closely with Suppliers, General Contractors, Architects, and Designers, to provide outstanding results to detail, and craftsmanship for every project, on time!

We strive to continuously improve our company, and the millwork products that we offer.  We confidently provide you with excellent service and superior quality that will exceed your expectations!

Commercial Services that we provide at T.L. Stewart Cabinetmakers:

  • Custom Moulding Profiles
  • Machining of solid wood products
  • Custom Sanding / Calibration

Custom Work that we do!

  • Butcher Block Tops
  • Island Tops
  • Restaurant Table Tops
  • Bar Tops
  • Mouldings
  • Door Framing
  • Replication of Historical Mouldings
  • Unfinished flooring
  • Wood Lamination
  • Stair Components